driving past your old elementary school likeimage


Hey. Hey! Miley! No. No, Miley. No. We eat like grown ups in this house! I thought you were a big girl, but I don’t see anything but babies around here. And babies go to bed at 7pm. No? You’re not a baby? Okay. Then eat your food. Miley. Eat. No. NO! STOP IT! NO!


drake be on another plane


The salmon send their best assassin


The salmon send their best assassin




did i ever tell u guys i had a rapping phase in 6th grade and i memorized the entire 3rd verse in love the way u lie to impress people and i was confident as hell so i asked people during recess who wanted to hear me rap and my crush said “i do” and i was like fuk and i was like “alright!! haha!!! :)” and i started rapping the whole thing and in the middle of the verse he looks up and walks away and to this day i cant listen to love the way u lie without crying


i like how his mom is immediately on his side and about to getaway car them off 



i honestly dont know how, when early 2000s dreamworks execs were faced with producing a cheap and fast knock-off capitalising of the success of finding nemo,  a movie composed of celebrities faces mo-capped and pasted onto uncanny valley fish people, fish puns, baffling attempts at hip-hop culture, mafia movie tropes, a plot stolen from a spaghetti western, a subplot shitting on L.A and jack black converged into existence but The Lord finds a way

dont you dare talk shit about Shark Tale who the fuck even are you


damnit grandpa it’s 2021, they’re not spiders anymore, they’re arachnid americans and more importantly my friends


do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do


when u stand up 2 fast n suddenly ur floatin thru space n time


when u miss the last step on the stairs



my mom just looked at a spider at our kitchen and yelled “why do you have to be like that? you dont need that many eyes or legs you need to stop”

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